Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Food and Family

We had planned to take our children and their dates to Fuji (an Hibachi Grill) over the Christmas break. We were unable to work around all of our work schedules so we didn't get to go.

We finally had a night where we were all off so we met at Fuji's in Fort Smith last night. I was able to snap a few pictures while we were there but the lights were low so they did not turn out very well.

Kelsey & Ismael deciding what to eat.

Becca, Craig, and Larry (probably making fun of me for having my camera with me.)

Our chef putting on a show with his knifes. (He's moving so fast, it's a blur.)

The young lady in the picture was not with us. She is cracking up because the chef made a volcano using onions. He set it on fire and then used a plastic squirt gun that was a little boy peeing to put the fire out. Funny stuff!

A fun night out. Thanks kids.

Take Care and God Bless!

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