Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Friday - Baby, it's cold outside!

"Two works of mercy set a man free:  forgive and you will be forgiven and give and you shall receive."


This wrapping paper says it all this morning. We are in the single digits here in the River Valley of Arkansas--the coldest temps we have had since 1989. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be colder than this. I know a those of you that live in the north and Canada deal with this all of the time. But we are "pansies" here and don't know what to do with these temps.

Wasn't sure what I wanted to write about today, I decided I would introduce you to a member of the family you haven't met yet. This is Molly. We don't have any idea how old Molly is because she adopted up about 7 years ago. She already had some gray hair then. Last week was not a good week for her. She acted funny and didn't move very much or eat very much. We think she may have arthritis and worry that she may not make it through the winter.  This picture was taken on one of those bad days. She had no sparkle or life in her eyes. But this week, she is back to her old self again. 

Well, its' Friday. For me this is the start of a weekend. I have been blessed to have a Monday - Friday job for over 16 years now. As I watch my children go to work on Friday and Saturday, it reminds me of the many years (10) that I worked in a grocery store and did not have weekends like most people do because I worked most weekends.

While I am very proud of them for working while in college, I also feel a little regret that they do not have weekends to look forward to. But then again, I guess they do because they don't have school and sometimes that is probably much more stressful than their jobs.

That being said, school was closed on Monday for snow and bad weather. Wednesday morning I received a call saying school was cancelled for the day due to the school (and most of the town) not having any gas -- so hmm . . . no heat. I was afraid we would not have school yesterday because of ice, but we did.  The weather tonight is supposed to be in the high teens with wind chills of 1 to negative 5 degrees. We have not had temperatures this cold in 20 years or longer.  Even though I will only have school 3 days this week (counting today, I hope), I do not look forward in getting out in the zero degree temperatures this morning to go to work.

Then again, it's Friday. 

How do you plan to spend your weekend? Is Saturday and Sunday a weekend away from work for you? 

I'm not sure what we will do. Mr. Paramedic will be working Saturday (out saving lives -- as he says) so if we decide to do anything it will need to be Friday night. With temperatures in the single digits expected, we will probably stay in and keep warm in front of the fireplace.

Have a great weekend!!!

Until tomorrow . . 

Take care and God Bless.

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suzyq said...

Hi Vivian, like you I have just started in blogland and I love it!! I live in Australia and at the moment we are having the hottest weather - 104 degrees here at the farm house today!! What a contrast to you.

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