Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Design Wall at the end of the Day

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

This is my design wall late Monday night. I am up early waiting for Wal-mart to open so I can get some backing fabric and batting. I live in a town with NO other fabric but Wal-mart. I usually hit Hancocks in Fort Smith (an hour away), but this is an emergency. Finding a quilt shop is such a luxury for me and I am often overwhelmed.

I told my husband if we ever move, I need a fabric shop and a big front porch on the house. Oh, maybe a wrap around porch would be even better.  Isn't it great to dream.

Take care and God Bless.


All My Yesterdays said...

Finally found a few minutes to look at your blog and how sweet! Love your colorful quilts and what cute Christmas decoration you've made.
A far as a room color, I like the soft natural colors like a nice sage green or even a warm buttery color. Guess it depends on what you'll use to accent with. Good luck and make sure you show is what you've decided. I'll follow now too! And thanks for stopping by my blog (O:

Myra said...

Very cute! 8-)

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