Monday, December 21, 2009

Design Wall

My design wall at the present time is my living room floor. It is too cold in my sewing room and I don't want to turn on the butane stove. So . . . I am sewing in my living room.


This is a quilt I need to finish in the next 2 days to give to my niece for Christmas. When she stayed with us this summer I was doodling out a pink heart quilt (this is not it) and she asked me what it was. When I told her it was a quilt she asked me who it was for. She asked me a couple of months later if I had her quilt made yet. So . . . this will be her pink quilt. I am putting white sashing between the blocks and heart appliques in some of the corner squares. They will be randomly placed on the quilt.

Take care and God Bless.


Mary-Kay said...

I love pink and white quilts. I hope your niece loves it.

Anonymous said...

Your niece should be thrilled! Isn't it nice to make a quilt and KNOW someone will appreciate it when you give it to them?

Beautiful colors - my daughter would be envious!


Brenda said...

I'm sure your niece will love it.

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