Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Decorations

Not a lot going on around here today. I spent the weekend cleaning my kitchen. I mean deep cleaning my kitchen. I do this every year about this time to get ready for my Christmas decorating. But it is still a little early for that so I thought I would share my fall decorations with you over the next couple of days.

I rescued this old chair from somewhere, not sure where. It had a cane braided seat made of jute. Needless to say what was left of it was rotted and would not hold anything. So, I stapled some of the breathable, black ground covering that is used as a weed barrier for plants and made kind of a bowl. Then I put some potting soil in it and planted some annuals. It was pretty for a year or two and then the black covering started to rot so I ripped it off and put the chair away in the garage. After I took down the Christmas decorations last year, the house seemed bare so I went off on a scavenger hunt (to the outer garage) and dug this chair out. Since then, I have changed flowers with the seasons.

I've kept the same greenery and changed the flowers for Valentines, Easter, and now Fall decor. I can't wait to see what I come up with for Christmas.

It actually hides the vent well. This picture was taken down low but as you walk, it is not noticeable.

My original plan was to put a wooden seat to sit decorations on and I may still do that. But for now, I like the eclectic look I get from it as it is.

Take Care and God Bless!

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