Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Color for the Patio

The town I live in is very small, therefore, there are few businesses, unfortunately. We have a Wal-mart (not a supercenter), a grocery store, a Dollar General, a shoe store, a couple of antique stores, and a flower shop. Yes, we have several gas stations, hair salons, a few restaurant and fast food places, and several banks. That's about it. Oops, we also have a couple of auto part stores, a plumbing store, and a two  furniture stores. We do have a small hospital and a medical clinic. It is enough to get by and there are elderly that probably never leave town, unless they need to go to a specialist.

But, if we need anything out of the ordinary, we have a choice to go west 40 miles to Fort Smith or east 40 miles to Russellville. This weekend we headed to Fort Smith to get some flowers to plant in large pots to put on the back patio. There is an awesome store called "Sharums Garden Center" that has beautiful plants that range from 3-4 inches tall in starter pots to large plants that are over 1 foot tall. They have hanging baskets and large pots full of different plants in a variety of colors hat are great for a front porch or a patio.

So we looked to see what types of plants they had in their beautiful patio pots and purchased the same ones separately and smaller plants. Now I have 6 great patio plant pots to spread around the pool and patio.

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Gayle said...

Happy planting!

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